Why CNG?

Advantages of Compressed Natural Gas: CNG is economical than any other source of energy required in vehicles. It saves up to 70% of the fuel cost. Apart from this, there are certain properties of CNG that make it’s free from dangerous fuel. If by chance it leaks, it directly diffuses into the atmosphere as it is lighter than air in terms of mass. The temperature required for the auto-ignition of CNG is 540 degrees which are more than petrol (360 degrees). You may be surprised to hear that CNG if left in open, can’t catch fire easily with spark due to less concentration in air. It is a sustainable and environmentally friendly Gas. If you install a quality kit in your car, then you can get good mileage with a proper pickup. Contact Lucky CNG center for  CNG kit installation Chandigarh .

The demand for CNG Kit installation in cars and commercial vehicles has increased to 10 times in the last 5 years due to safe and effective fuel options with the least maintenance. We, lucky CNG Fitment centre Chandigarh is an authorized CNG service station in Chandigarh that has been satisfying the majority of eco fuel users in tri-city and nearby places. We provide services like CNG installation, repair, leakage test, Spark Plug Replacement, and CNG kit service. We can convert the Petrol cars into CNG ones with a genuine CNG conversion kit

Sequential Kit

The most recent change in the methane or CNG conversion system is a sequential multi-point fuel injection kit of CNG. In this system, then gas is inserted into the cylinder through injector synced with the cylinder stroke just like the petrol engine. This kit is designed for 3 to 8 cylinder engines including twin, Multi Air, Turbo and Valvetronic versions. If you own a start and stop system vehicle, then this kit is suitable for this as well. Courtesy to technology, that complies with the recent Euro 4. All the system parts and components are tested by the Gas Research development center to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

Parts included in the sequential kits

  1. Reducer
  2. Injectors
  3. Switch
  4. Nozzle
  5. Temperature sensor
  6. Refilling Valve
  7. Steel pipe
  8. Map sensor.
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CNG kit installation

Conventional Kit

This is indirect injection technology. The gas is injected through the throttle body with the help of a mixer and air filter. This is an old version of the CNG kit recommended for Euro 1, 2 and 3. This kit is also available at Lucky CNG fitment Centre at an affordable cost.

Parts in conventional kits

  1. Emulator
  2. Cylinder Valve
  3. Mixer
  4. Pressure Gauge
  5. Steel pipe
  6. NZ valve

Now that you know the types and benefits of CNG Conversion kits, you must install one in your vehicle because it will help you save thousands of rupees every year along with making your contribution towards the environment.